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MIAK and Kpop Sales History [Archive]

Most of the Korean sales on this blog come from GAON which is linked to KMCIA, The Korea Music Content Industry Association. Before the KMCIA there was MIAK, the Music Industry Association of Korea which ran from 2002 to 2008. It would provide both digital and album sales information for the industry and had archives going back to 2001, which unfortunately no longer exist in any capacity I could find. In 2009 the industry faced a gap year when Hanteo was the only source for physical sales, that was also the year Hanteo began hiding their sales information, only showing #2 for free as we see it now. I remember back when you could see Top 50 but when it realized it was the only source it capitalized on it. In 2010 GAON was launched officially and it began showing numbers weekly early in 2011.

It is most unfortunate that MIAK's archives have vanished since Hanteo does have some physical sales info from before 2010 but none on digital sales which MIAK also had. Little has survived of MIAK but below are some of the screencaps and charts I managed to find. Below is also part of 2009's Cyworld certifications. Cyworld was once the leading social media site and many people used acorns (online currency) to buy background music for their mini-home-pi-s (mini homepages, if you listen to T-ara and Supernova's TTL you'll hear it referenced there). BGMs cost more than downloads and they were a big revenue generator and Cyworld used to be open to viewing by foreigners and Koreans alike. Cyworld began certifying songs that sold lots of BGMs and the chart is a compilation for certifications from 2009. Also included is a chart of 2009 sales including not only Hanteo but also two of Korea's biggest physical album retailers, Hottracks and Synnara.

MIAK's Album Sales Chart for Nov. 2007

Super Junior's Don't Don: 159,015 accumulated sales (released Sep. 20 2007)
SNSD's Girls' Generation: 49,438 (released Nov. 1 2007)
SG Wannabe's Story in New York: 47,933 (released Nov. 23 2007)
Toy's Passionate Goodbye: 32,780 (released Nov. 29 2007)
Brown Eyed Girls' My Story: 49,536 (released Oct. 31 2007)
JYP's The House You Live In: 15,872 (released Nov. 16 2007)
Lee Seung Hwan's That Not How I Feel: 15,234 (released Nov. 16 2007)
Shin Hyesung's The Beginning, New Days: 94,046 (released Aug. 8 2007)
The Wondergirls' Tell Me: 30,445 (released Sep. 13 2007)
Lee Seung Chul's I Love You: 24,368 (released Oct. 18 2007)
Younha's Comet: 20,595 (released Oct. 23 2007)

MIAK's Cumulative Album Sales Oct. 2008 Top 18:

DBSK's Mirotic: 307,974 (released Sep. 19 2008)
BIGBANG's Day by Day: 143,028 (released Aug 8 2008)
SNSD's Girls' Generation: 126,269 (released Nov. 1 2007)
Kim Dong Ryul's Monologue: 114,272 (released Jan. 25 2008)
SG Wannabe's My Friend: 108,973 (released April 24 2008)
Brown Eyes' Two Things Needed for The Same Purpose: 100,406 (released June 19 2008)
Epik High's Peices, Part 1: 80,396 (released April 17 2008)
Lee Hyori's Its Hyorish: 62,863 (released July 14 2008)
Sung Shi Kyung's In My Heart: 50,708 (released June 12 2008)
SHINee's The SHINee World: 49,864 (released August 28th 2008)
The Wondergirls' So Hot: 49,499 (released June 3rd 2008)
Yeon Ga 2008 (Compilation album of various artists): 49,202 (released April 15th 2008)
Shin Hye Sung's Live and Let Live:  48,271 (released August 26th 2008)
Lee SeungGi's When A Man Loves A Woman Pt 2: 44,773 (released March 24th 2008)
FT Island's Colorful Sensibility: 37,999 (released August 25th)
Epik High's Lovescream: 30,200 (released September 30th 2008)
Younha's Someday: 29,992 (released August 28th 2008)
Dynamic Duo's Last Days: 29,537 (released August 21st 2008)

2009 Hanteo + Synnara + Hottracks Album Sales (Year End) Top 30:

2009 Cyworld Certifications (Original and Translated)

GOLD: 300,000-500,000
SILVER: 200,000-300,000
BRONZE: 100,000-200,000

More screencaps are floating around the web but I do not have them on this computer. As I find more I will post them to this blog. I hope this info is useful in some way. If you would like more info or further translations on/of the above just leave a comment below and I'll get to it asap.

*CD are well CDs and MCs are cassettes.


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    1. Sorry I don't have any here but I'll keep looking and if I can find my old laptop I think I had some others there but i'm not sure. I have 2007 Hanteo sales that has ITNW but thats it not MIAK.

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