Friday, 28 March 2014

Top Ten 2013 Dramas with Idols [Lead or Supporting Roles]

Let me know if I missed anything/anyone!

Top Ten Rated Dramas with an Idol in the Cast [2013]
1. Master's Sun: 17.6% [L of Infinite, minor support]
2. King of Ambition: 16.4% [Yunho of DBSK, MAIN]
3. The Heirs: 16.3% [Minhyuk of CNBlue, main support, Krystal of F(x), main support]
4. Gu Family Book: 15.6% [Suzy of Miss A, MAIN]
5. That Winter, The Wind Blows: 13.2% [Eunji of APink, MAIN]
6. Jeon Woo Chi: 13.1% [Uee of AfterSchool, MAIN, Baek Ho & Ren of NU'EST, minor support]
7. School 2013: 13%*** [Kim Dani and Hyoyoung of 5Dolls, minor support]
8. 7th Grade Civil Servant: 11.6% [Chansung of 2PM, support, Doojoon of B2ST, support]
9. IRIS II: 10.75% [Lee Joon of MBLAQ, MAIN, Hyung Gon of A-JAX, support]
10. When A Man Loves: 10.1% [Jr & JB of JJ Project, minor support]

* viewer ratings taken from average of TNmS Media Korea and AGB Nielsen Korea nationwide averages.
** Public Broadcast Channels only, no cameos included!
*** Final episode had a 15.5% average
**** some dramas started in 2012 but ended in 2013, I Miss You was mostly in 2012.
***** I'm not considering IU and Seo In Guk idols, I wasn't sure about former SS501 members so I left Kim Hyung Jun out too.
****** sometimes it was hard to know how big a role they had but I focused on if they were in main cast, names were bolded, if they were the younger version of someone ect..


  1. 2. King of Ambition: 16.4% [Yunho of DBSK, MAIN] ? Really ?
    K-netz always criticize Yunho for his bad acting but the ratings were not low. I'm speechless. Plus, he was the leading role...??

    1. Well he is listed as "starring" and the second lead male.
      I didn't watch the drama so I duno about his acting or screentime I'm going by the description.

    2. Yes, Sang Woo and Yunho were both male leads, Soo Ae and Sung Ryung the female leads. It was one of the highest rated weekday dramas of the year and also had one of the highest exponential increase in rankings of all time (from 7 > 30%).

  2. Why isn't Dasoms (from Sistar) Drama 'Melody Of Love' in this list? Is it beause the drama is mainly in 2014?

    1. yup mainly in 2014.
      Its a long drama (120 episodes) so the vast majority will be in 2014.
      I think about 35 or so were in 2013.
      Thing is I can't give an average rating if the show hasn't finished right?
      Thats why I waited for some dramas to finish off in 2014 but Melody won't be done for a few months.