Wednesday, 5 February 2014

2013 GAON Female Idol Group Rankings

This year the download chart has been more consistent that the DA chart but I'm posting both rankings for reference. Downloads have decreased about 7% in the 2nd half of the year compared to the 1st half while DAs have jumped around all over the place and on average were MUCH lower in the 2nd half hence the reason to use the Download chart.


Tier 1 Girl Groups:
SNSD remains consistent to their past rankings, Hoot was #10 in DA rankings and SNSD-TTS' Twinkle was #11 and this year IGAB also finished at #11 on the download chart. Also Dancing Queen charted better than Mr Taxi despite being released last year.
2NE1 had a terrible year with their top song charting at #68, a 62 spot drop from last year and their general finish with at least one song in the top 10 or top 5. In fact this is their lowest charting song except for Follow Me and I'm Busy. They managed to chart 3 songs not counting CL's solo so their overall numbers don't look as bad. Missing You is on the trajectory to reach 1 million downloads having only 6 weeks to chart in 2013, but even that isn't as good as usual for the group.
Sistar has joined the top tier and their digital rankings support that. While Give it to Me ranked lower than Alone and Loving U (#3 and #4 last year) at #7, Sistar19's song reached #3 showing overall consistency. They also charted 3 not promoted songs from their album.

Tier 2 Groups:
F(x) had a lower than usual ranking at #65 while Electric Shock ranked #29 and NUABO was #26, even Hot Summer ranked #25. This is a significant drop but their high album sales must have given them a boost plus more individual activities.
Girls Day saw a HUGE boost in popularity but not reaching higher than their peak with Twinkle Twinkle which was #21. Expect was #36 in downloads and #22 on DAs owing to being released early in the year. Being able to rank Female President at #78 shows their ability to be consistent sellers now as previously no songs other than Twinkle Twinkle ranked in the Top 100 not to mention Something is on track to be their best seller ever. 2014 may prove to be their best year.

Tier 3 Groups:
Miss A only released one song at the end of the year which did decently well ranking at #96 with only 8 weeks to chart. Touch reached #35 and IDNAM reached #65 but Hush seems to have good consistency. It seems their charting and selling power haven't changed much from 2012.
4Minute's Whats Your Name did really well charting at #8, their best ranking by FAR! Other than their debut year their highest rankings were HUH at #28 and Mirror Mirror at #29. Some people are suspicious however as their digital ranking was only #46 last year but they had high physical sales with 40k+ but now they have high digital but poor physical sales, with half as many albums sold per album. Also Is It Poppin was promoted and had a video but only charted at #142 and their new subunit 2YOON only managed #150. Their ranking may not have changed because people are waiting to see if WYN was a one time thing or if they can do it again.
Secret moved back to a cute concept with Yoo Hoo at #52 ranking better than Poison which was #92 last year. Talk That never ranked because it was released late in the year. I Do I Do was poorly received but also released too late to chart. Overall their cute concepts have done better than their sexy concepts.
APink saw a big increase in popularity and rankings despite a member leaving. No No No ranked #13, an increase rivaled only by Crayon Pop and Nine Muses seeing as Hush ranked #102 last year and I Don't Know was #170. Their album sales are also good and saw an increase. It may be a situation of waiting to see if they can repeat their success like 4Minute.

Tier 4 Groups:
Brown Eyed Girls have always ranked high because of their public recognition, talent and good image as adult idols. Their digital sales were never great after Abracadabra although 6th Sense did decently at #59. Like last year they did not chart in the Top 100 with Kill Bill at #135 and Recipe at #184, a drop from #113 with A Mid Summer Night Dream. The members have been focusing on solo activities.
After School keeps the same low level as last year with First Love ranking #143, Flashback was #141. They have been doing decently in Japan however and Orange Caramel tend to do better digitally.
Dal Shabet see a drop with only 1 comeback last year which did not chart. Their debut song is still their best rank at #110 and then Hit U at #148.
Crayon Pop rise from nowhere to rank #27 and seem to have decent physical sales but questions remain as to whether they can repeat this success. Their Christmas song did better than expected so until an official comeback it'll be difficult to say.
Nine Muses see a rise in popularity which may have been more successful if they spent more time promoting popular songs like Dolls and Wild. Nine Muses had never ranked in the yearly top 200 before. Dolls ranked at #187 and Wild ranked on the DA chart only at #176 but now two popular members have left and both Gun and Glue under-performed.
Kara see yet another drop, slowly being overtaking by labelmates Rainbow. They did not rank with Damaged Lady and 2 members have left. Last year Pandora was considered a bad ranking for them but it was #73, at this point even a #173 ranking would be an improvement. Their physical sales have dropped significantly but are still higher than most girl groups, at a similar level to APink.

Tier 5 Groups:
T-ara continues to drop in rankings. Sexy Love managed a #58 ranking last year but Number 9 landed at #160 and even their subunit which had all year to rank only managed #174. Their physical sales have also taken a hit with just under 30k per album compared to 60k previously.
Rainbow's Tell Me Tell Me ranks better than follow-ups Sweet Dream and Mach at #101 but still below usual level like To Me which was #64. Sunshine barely charted on the DA chart only and their subunit doesn't seem to be seeing much success either. Their physical sales are also below 10k per album.
Wonder Girls did not release anything this year and are considered on hiatus with mascot Sohee leaving the group. Sunmi's digital ranking shows some potential if she rejoins the group.

NEWLY Ranked groups:
AOA first managed to chart for 8 weeks on GAON with AOA Black's MOYA. Their first sexy concept Confused didn't do too well but Mini Skirt is seeing huge popularity comparatively, no ranking on GAON Top 200 yearly yet however.
HELLOVENUS also have never charted but did well with their debut. Their physical sales are also at around 10k, higher than BEG and Secret currently. Although WYLST managed to chart for several weeks and got 33 million DAs in the old system, they need another song like Venus to move up.
Ladies Code are rookies which actually charted with Pretty Pretty at #116 which is still ranking on charts. They are showing great potential with members that sing well and participated on star search shows. Their debut song Bad Girl also charted on the DA chart only #162. Their album sales are still low so they need to build a fanbase.
(Honourable Mention) BESTie has not charted but their debut ass-dance song got attention and Love Options was well received and catchy. Some members are former EXID members, which as you will see is not listed. Haters have said that they only have popularity because one member is mistaken for Sistar's Dasom, their next comeback will show if they have what it takes to join the official rankings or is this journalist was just a fan.

My Honourable Mentions:
Two-X's Ring Ma Bell charted for 8 weeks+ showing that people got interested in it but they need more frequent comebacks and activities.
Jewelry's Hot and Cold did well around the same level as the lowest tier and Yewon is gaining popularity on variety shows, plus their name is known from the old Jewelry line-ups.
SPICA's Tonight managed to do fairly well and charted over 8 weeks, they might just need to go back to their debut image to see better success and a variety or acting member to gain a fanbase.
Tiny-G their songs haven't charted too well but with a member in a huge drama their next comeback could do well particularly if its a catchy song like I Miss You.

15& and Sunnyhill, are not considered idols I suppose but both charted decently. Sunnyhill was only a girl group for a few comeback while their male member was in the army but Goodbye to Romance was a huge hit actually released in 2012 and 15& has ranked at #100 with Somebody.

Idol Girl Groups Yearly Download Chart Ranking (DAs in brackets)
#3 (#3) Sistar19 - GNAAL: 1,723,704
#7 (#9) Sistar - Give it to Me: 1,486,661
#8 (#6) 4Minute - WYN: 1,477,832
#11 (#13) SNSD - IGAB: 1,354,672
#13 (#33) APink - No No No: 1,329,864
#27 (#52) Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar: 1,162,646
#36 (#22) Girls Day - Expect: 1,108,467
#52 (#30) Secret - Yoo Whoo: 978,757
#64 (#64) Sistar - Make Me Melt: 908,119
#65 (#121) F(x) - First Love Rum Pum Pum: 899,953
#68 (#97) 2NE1 - Falling in Love: 885,446
#78 (#91) Girls Day - Female President: 804,718
#96 (#129) Miss A - Hush: 757,845
#100 (#57) 15& - Somebody: 746,025
#101 (#77) Rainbow - Tell Me Tell Me: 743,259
#102 (#132) 2NE1 - Missing You: 739,138
#105 (#100) Sistar - Bad Boy: 731,815
#114 (#78) Sunnyhill - Goodbye to Romance: 700,876
#116 (#154) Ladies Code - Pretty Pretty: 694,258
#131 (#184) 2NE1 - DYLM: 638,002
#135 (#187) BEG - Kill Bill: 625,798
#142 (#151) 4Minute - Is It Poppin?: 596,404
#143 (#123) Afterschool - First Love: 596,036
#147 (#93) T-ara N4 - Countryside Life: 589,372
#150 (#136) 2Yoon - 24/7: 586,207
#154 (#108) SNSD - Dancing Queen: 580,428
#160 (#174) T-ara - Number 9: 564,694
#183 Sistar19 - A Girl in Love: 512,126 (did not chart on DA chart)
#184 BEG - Recipe: 511,360 (did not chart on DA chart)
#187 (#145) Nine Muses - Dolls: 496,540
#193 (#165) Sunnyhill - Darling of All Hearts: 488,757
#198 (#188) Sistar - Crying: 484,407

DA Chart Only:
#162 Ladies Code - Bad Girl
#176 Nine Muses - Wild
#197 Rainbow - Sunshine