Friday, 8 November 2013

[Request] 2013 Songs with 1 Million Downloads

A few people have requested a list of downloads so here it is BUT A FEW NOTES TO REMEMBER!
1. This list was compiled from monthly NOT WEEKLY download charts therefore many songs will be slightly lower if they charted a couple of weeks into the next month but did not show up on the monthly chart.
2. This list is not exhaustive, I may have missed several very consistent songs. If you notice any song is missing let me know and I'll add their total from monthly charts.
3. Songs with a star (*) at the end have stopped charting on monthly charts.
4. Downloads have not been steady all year, it seem particularly in recent months overall download numbers have fallen possibly because the new prices went into full effect July 1st. Also because of new regulations on download and streaming limits on accounts in August (anti-digital manipulation law that several companies supported).

2013 Song with Over 1 Million Downloads:
BaeChiGi - Shower of Tears: 1,777,017*
Leessang - Tears: 1,717,309*
Psy - Gentleman: 1,584,677*
Heo Gak & Yoo Seung Woo - Monodrama: 1,562,348*
Sistar19 - GNAAL: 1,483,986*
Roy Kim - Spring x3: 1,470,354*
4Minute - What's Your Name?: 1,458,104*
Sistar - Give It To Me: 1,434,039
Cho Yong Pil - Bounce: 1,425,362* [album+single version]
Davichi - Turtle: 1,419,363*
SNSD - I Got A Boy: 1,331,949*
Lee Seung Chul - My Love: 1,289,292
Davichi - Melt: 1,280,333*
Akdong Musician - Crescendo: 1,249,114*
CNBLUE - I’m Sorry: 1,223,055*
Apink - NoNoNo: 1,197,452
K.Will - Love Blossom: 1,196,226*
The One - Winter Love: 1,178,153*
Heo Gak & Eunji - Short Hair: 1,160,949
Ailee - U & I: 1,155,507
Yoon MiRae (T) - Touch Love: 1,132,719
Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending: 1,113,209
Gummy - Snow Flower: 1,111,537*
Akdong Musician - I Love You: 1,110,078*
Busker Busker - Love At First: 1,108,159
Lyn - Tonight: 1,094,120*
Girl's Day - Expect: 1,087,671*
4Men - Hello, Its Me: 1,081,586*
Dynamic Duo - Baaam: 1,081,426
Davichi - Miss You Again Today: 1,076,700
Kim Yerim - Alright: 1,062,112*
Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar: 1,059,306
Lee Hi - Rose: 1,055,741*
4Men - Propose Song: 1,050,362*
Jung Hyung Don - Gangbook Cool Guy: 1,037,875*
Baek Ji Young - I Hate It: 1,021,387*
Vibe - One Last Time: 1,004,122*


  1. hello there, I want to ask something. Is this information from Gaon? Because, the last time I checked on Gaon website, SNSD's I Got A Boy is #6 at yearly music chart(download). I want to know the source. thanks

    1. You are probably looking at the 2013 Mid Year Chart for downloads which was released in July, things have obviously changed since then. Also the mid year download chart is off because there was an error, it was fixed on the monthly charts but not the mid year. When year end numbers come out in about 3 weeks then it should be fixed and it'll look much more similar to mine.