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Drama Popularity [November]

Monday & Tuesdays:
JungYi Goddess of Fire managed to pass the 10% mark when it ended and has been replaced by Empress Ki starring Ha Ji Won which is managing much better at around 17% making it #1 for Monday & Tuesday dramas. The Suspicious Housekeeper remains fairly stable allowing it to rank higher than Mirae's Choice. It only has 2 episodes left and will be replaced by One Warm Word about adulterous couples starring Han Hye Jin and Lee Sang Woo. Good Doctor ended with ratings around 20% and has been replaced by Mirae's Choice aka Marry Him if You Dare starring Yoon Eun-hye and Jung Yong-hwa but has not been doing well.

Wednesdays & Thursdays:
The Master's Sun ended with ratings well over 20% and new series The Heirs starring Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye is now also 20%. The Heirs gained fans once Secret Love ended which had ratings between 15%-20%, an impressive improvement from ranking below 7% its first few episodes. Ratings for the first episode of the series replacing Secret Love, Pretty Man starring IU and Jang Guen-Suk have been poor, less than half of Secret Love's. Hopefully it will see the same sort of increase Secret Love saw. Two Weeks ended with ratings around 12% and was temporarily replaced by a drama festival but now a full time drama has started called Medical Top Team starring Kwon Sang Woo and Jung Ryeo Won but it is only managing half of Two Weeks' viewership ratings. Still this is enough to rank #2 on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Saturday & Sunday:
The King's Family continues to do well, now consistently over 30% while the ratings for Passionate Love continue to be disappointing at around 6%. A Little Love Never Hurts falls a bit but remains #2 among drama in its timeslot.

Among the later dramas, The Goddess of Marriage ended with rating just above 11% and was replaced by the Woman Who Married Three Times starring Lee Ji Ah and Uhm Ji Won which is somehow seeing even worse ratings. Scandal ended with great ratings in the mid 10s and is replaced with Golden Rainbow starring Uee of Afterschool which is seeing lower ratings but is above 10%.

Monday - Friday
Ratings for Two Women's Room see almost a 3% increase in viewership as the plot builds with only two episodes left in the series. You're Great Really ends with ratings around 11% and is replaced by Hold My Hand a revenge drama which is not managing double digits in ratings. Eun Hee remains consistent with ratings almost identical to Hold My Hand.

In daily evening dramas, A Tale of Two Sisters ends with great ratings well above 20% and was replaced by Melody of Love starring Kim Da Som of Sistar and Baek Sung Hyun which is seeing similarly good ratings. Princess Aurora slips slightly in ratings but is still doing well as it has one episode left. It will be replaced by Shining Romance. Ruby Ring also only has one episode left and the increased tensions has meant a 3% increase for the show. Ugly Alert sees a 1% increase in ratings as it nears it end. Emperor's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang is last as it cannot manage double digits.

Best rated drama is The King's Family as expected of a drama in that timeslot. Coming in second and third are Melody of Love and The Heirs both reaching above 20%. Worst performing drama is Pretty Boy. In fact both dramas up against The Heirs have the two lowest ratings with Passionate Love on Saturdays & Sundays just slightly above Medical Top Team.

Full Ratings:

Monday & Tuesday
[MBC] Empress Ki: 16.5% - 18.6% EP1: 10.1% - 13.3%
[SBS] The Suspicious Housekeeper: 8.0% - 10.2%  EP1: 8.8% - 9.3%
[KBS] Mirae's Choice: 7.9% - 9.2% EP1: 8.4% - 9.9%

Wednesday & Thursday
[SBS] The Heirs: 19.4% - 24.6% EP1: 9.9% - 13.1%
[MBC] Medical Top Team: 5.7% - 6.0% EP1: 6.5% - 8.5%
[KBS]  Pretty Boy: N/A EP1: N/A

Saturday & Sunday (early)
[KBS] The King's Family: 32.2% - 32.7% EP1: 19.5% - 20.5%
[MBC] A Little Love Never Hurts: 10.1% - 12.9% EP1: 10.8% - 14.5%
[SBS] Passionate Love: 6.5% - 6.6% EP1: 6.0% - 7.1%

Saturday & Sunday (late)
[MBC] Golden Rainbow: 11.6% - 13.7% EP1: 10.% - 12.5%
[SBS] The Woman Who Married Three Times: 11.3% - 13.4% EP1: 6.5% - 11.1%

Monday - Friday (morning)
[MBC] Hold My Hand: 8.4% - 8.8% EP1: 8%
[SBS] Two Women's Room: 10.3% - 10.7% EP1: 8.8%
[KBS] Eun Hee: 10.2% - 10.7% EP1: 8.1%

Monday - Friday (evening)
[KBS] Melody of Love: 22.5% - 24.2% EP1: 22.2% - 24.1%
[MBC] Princess Aurora: 16.9% - 18.9% EP1: 10.1% - 11.4%
[KBS] Ruby's Ring: 12.1% - 12.4% EP1: 7% (1 ep left 3% increase)
[SBS] Ugly Alert: 9.2% - 9.7% EP1: 7%
[MBC] Emperor's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang: 7.7% - 8.4% EP1: 7.4% - 8.8%


* There is a range in ratings as different rating services have different outcomes and there is a separation between Seoul and Nationwide and therefore rating vary somewhat. Ratings are for most recent episodes available.
** Most dramas air both days so Monday & Tuesday dramas run 2 episodes per week, one on Monday and one on Tuesday and so forth.
*** ratings available for Monday - Friday are incomplete, only some have ratings.
**** no ratings for cable dramas

Source: AsianDrama

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