Monday, 21 October 2013

DA Patterns and Downloads vs Streaming

Here are a selection of charts GAON has published:

This chart shows the DAs of the #1 song of the week on GAON starting from 2NE1's Falling in Love, which was the last song with over 30 million DAs until Busker Busker released Love, At First, to last week's #1, IU's The Red Shoes. It shows the general DA slump the industry has been in the last couple of months.

This chart shows the total DAs of the Top 10 in the given weeks. The 5th week is the week Busker Busker released their album while the last week is the week IU released her album. The DAs of the songs in the Top 10 this past week, which is the last one on the graph had a total of 163,080,660 DAs.

This one shows the ratio of streaming to downloads in percentage for the songs that were #1 in downloads in recent weeks. This shows how a song with a high ratio of streaming, rather than downloads, will have lower DAs. (light green is streaming and dark green is downloads).

Songs are (from left to right): Busker Busker's Love, At First, IU's The Red Shoes, Mad Clown and Soyu's Stupid in Love, Yoon MiRae's Touch Love, Exo's Growl, and Bumkey's Attraction.

While streaming accounts for up to 40% of daily and realtime charts on music sites, it is not as reflective on sales as streaming does not bring in as much revenue as downloads.

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  1. They should explain why/how they changed the way they counts DA so many times (it's clearly they did, just look at the download and streaming numbers, like one song has a lot less downloads and streamings but has higher DA number than one song in different month).

    I gave up on comparing the DA numbers, GAON is such a mess this year - -, comparing the download numbers is more legit now.

    1. Yes downloads are more accurate this year but not 100% either as the price changes have also decreased downloads from the 1st half compared to the 2nd half.
      GAON should be doing an adjustment for DAs but I'm not holding my breathe since they hardly ever make adjustments. Prices, weighing and which charts GAON uses have all changed throughout the year.