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Drama Popularity [August]

The Good Doctor starring Joo WonMoon Chae-Won is in first place for Monday and Tuesday dramas, seeing ratings double of its first episode. Empire of Gold starring Ko Soo and Lee Yo-Won sees some growth but remains fairly low in ratings. Jung Yi Goddess of Fire starring Moon Geun-Young, Lee Sang-Yoon and Kim Bum of Boys Over Flowers fame sees ratings that do not match up to the fame of its cast, not getting into double digits nationwide.

Fantasy drama The Master's Sun starring So Ji-Su, Kong Hyo-Jin and Seo In-Guk with Infinite's L in a supporting role has the highest ratings for Wednesday and Thursday dramas. Action drama Two Weeks starring Lee Junki and Kim SoYeon has seen some increase since its first episode and is now managing to get into double digit ratings. Dynasty-Era drama The Blade and the Petal starring Kim Ok-Vin and Uhm Tae-Woong has never managed to chart in ratings meaning it is likely falling below 7%.

You're the Best Lee Soon Shin starring IU and Cho Jung-Seok continues its reign in its prime drama competition-free slot as it comes to an end. I Summon You Gold starring Han Ji-Hye and Yeon Jeong-Hun has seen great improvement since it began airing now into the 20% ratings. Wonderful Mama starring Bae Jong-OkJung Yoo-Mi and Jung Gyu-Woon continues to fail to improve its mediocre single digital ratings.

Scandal starring Jo Yoon-Hee, Kim Jae-Won and Cho Jae-Hyun continues decent ratings despite a small fall since its first episode. The Goddess of Marriage starring Nam Sang-Mi and Kim Ji-Hoon remains static just hovering around 10% in ratings. Since The King's Dream ended there does not seem to be a regular drama that filled its place.

A Tale of Two Sisters is the top Monday to Friday drama hovering just under 20%. Melodrama You're Great, Really starring Ha Hee Ra and Lee Hyung Chul is just maintaining double digits and Ugly Alert starring Im Joo Hwan and Kang Byul is seeing almost identical ratings but has risen for the poor ratings it started with. Eun Hee starring Kyung Soo Jin and Lee In airs early in the day and is a TV novel, one of many aired by KBS in the morning timeslot. It isn't managing to hit those double digits.

The #1 drama is still You're The Best Lee Soon Shinalthough it will soon end. With I Hear Your Voice ending after hitting 29% in Seoul and the mid 20s nationwide, I Summon You Gold is now the #2 drama with The Good Doctor and The Master's Sun hot on its heels. It seems SBS has managed to break out of its losing streak with I Hear Your Voice and the Master's Sun doing well. There is a great deal of anticipation for the drama The Heirs which will follow on SBS in the same timeslot as well. The Wang Family will replace Lee Soon Shin. It is also a family drama with a family of daughters so many are anticipating if it will do better or worse.

Monday & Tuesday
[KBS] The Good Doctor: 18.4% - 20.4% EP1: 10.3% - 11.6%
[SBS] Empire of Gold:  10.3% - 13.8% EP1: 8.0% - 9.7%
[MBC] JungYi Goddess of Fire: 8.2% - 10.3% EP1: 10.1% - 12.3%

Wednesday & Thursday
[SBS] The Master's Sun: 16.6% - 22.6% EP1: 13.6% - 21.6%
[MBC] Two Weeks: 9.2% - 12.0% EP1: 7.5% - 8.9%
[KBS] The Blade and the Petal: Not Charting EP1: Did not chart

Saturday & Sunday (early)
[KBS] You're The Best Lee Soon Shin: 27.9% - 33.4% EP1: 22.2% - 26.6%
[MBC] I Summon You Gold: 18.5% - 22.7% EP1: 8.9%
[SBS] Wonderful Mama: 7.4% - 8.0% EP1: 7.7% - 8.4%

Saturday & Sunday (late)
[MBC] Scandal: 14.4% - 17.4% EP1: 15.8% - 18.7%
[SBS] Goddess of Marriage: 9.1% - 11.1% EP1: 9.1% - 11.5%

Monday - Friday
[KBS] A Tale of Two Sisters: 16.3% - 19.2% EP1: 18.1% - 21.3%
[MBC] You're Great, Really: 10.2% - 11.3% EP1: 10.9% - 11.2%
[SBS] Ugly Alert: 9.7% - 11.4% EP1: 7%
[KBS] Eun Hee: 9.2% - 9.7% EP1: 8.1%


* There is a range in ratings as different rating services have different outcomes and there is a separation between Seoul and Nationwide and therefore rating vary somewhat. Ratings are for most recent episodes available.
** Most dramas air both days so Monday & Tuesday dramas run 2 episodes per week, one on Monday and one on Tuesday and so forth.
*** ratings available for Monday - Friday are incomplete, only some have ratings.
**** no ratings for cable dramas

Source: AsianDrama

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