Monday, 15 July 2013

Mid-Year GAON DAs (Domestic Top 200)

Company Totals:
CUBE: 912,250,363
Akdong: 811,910,466
Starship: 760,716,184
YG: 716,294,191
SM: 666,840,064
CCM: 590,686,638
Music & New: 553,287,005
YMC: 467,510,145
HappyFace: 466,560,422
Amoeba Culture: 448,638,315
JYP: 420,293,215
WA: 410,659,104
Woollim: 236,633,544
LOEN: 342,610,363
Jellyfish: 214,996,738
TS: 210,118,664
F&C: 183,163,441
Yedang: 137,362,365

Female Artists:
Davichi: 518,479,459
SNSD 369,248,033
Lee Hi: 272,571,068
Sistar19: 257,083,194
Baek Ji Young: 236,802,950
Sistar: 233,440,218
Lyn: 208,469,107
Lee Hyori: 201,601,854
4Minute: 176,397,624
Ailee: 171,466,289
Secret: 154,276,044
Sunnyhill: 144,922,894
Gummy: 134,649,316
Girl's Day: 126,701,816
Younha: 126,301,576
Rainbow: 117,885,013
Ali: 111,016,482
Boa: 107,866,656
Kim Bo Kyung: 105,423,490
Nine Muses: 98,661,853

Male Artists:
4Men: 371,240,432
Heo Gak: 359,287,105
Roy Kim: 305,755,150
BaeChiGi: 296,043,856
Cho Yong Pil: 271,748,880
K.Will: 270,192,772
Psy: 231,662,401
Busker Busker: 231,500,924
The One: 211,442,207
LeeSsang: 195,643,504
Primary: 189,228,712
Seo In Guk: 185,813,683
Verbal Jint: 183,368,096
Vibe: 174,065,362
Naul: 170,752,536
SHINee: 159,971,941
Zion-T: 141,995,894
CN Blue: 140,367,889
Infinite H: 117,109,669
B2ST: 116,910,879
2AM: 105,092,324
Ra.D: 98,219,679

I tried to get every artist with over 100 million, let me know if I missed anything/anyone.
Duets are split in half, featurings do not count.
I didn't bother breaking up the SBS Colors Project thing for each member of the different groups, it wouldn't have been much and it was its own project.


  1. It's an irrelevant question: Do you know how to see the full Hanteo real-time chart ? It reveals only the second place to me. Does it need an account or fees ? Thank you.

    1. Yes you need an account and you have to pay, I'm not sure if foreigners can get one, I have no idea how Hanteo's subscription system works.

  2. you should check this

  3. where CNB?? didnt they break 100mill or not??

    1. Yes I accidentally missed them from artists but their total went into F&C. I have updated the list. Thank you so much for pointing it out!

  4. Who is under Akdong company?

  5. You missed BIG TIME. Kim Jaejoong of JYJ solo album "I", has 291,970 albums sold in total since it’s release on January 17th (source GAON, July chart). I think this is not included his repackaged album (Y), if Y included the number will be nearly 400.000. What amazing about this, it's because Kim Jaejoong achieved this without any broadcast/TV promotion at all. Not a single one. We know that he (and JYJ) are forbidden to appear on any entertainment show on TV, be it music show or variety show, because of the dispute with his former company SM. Still he achieved this. It's incredible.

    1. ummm.... this is for digital sales.... Jaejoong's physical sales are irrelevant here...
      He;s on the mid year physical sales though....