Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Drama Popularity [July]

Gu Family Book ends off well, with over 20% in ratings and will be replaced by another historical drama, Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire, starring Moon Guen Young. Jang Ok Jung ends with just in the double digits ratings and will be replaced by Empire of Gold which focuses on rivalry in a wealthy family business. Queen of Office ended with ratings around 14% but its replacement Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus is only managing half that despite staring Kim Nam Gil and Son Yejin. The drama is already half over and will be replaced by Good Doctor starring Joo Won (most recently in 7th Grade Civil Servant).

When a Man Loves ended with similar ratings as the last update, when it was first mostly due to poor ratings all around. Unfortunately its replacement the Queen's Classroom is seeing even lower ratings. This means the the KBS drama, Fugitive of Joseon, is now ahead of MBC despite no change in ratings. However, it just ended and will be replaced by a historical drama, the Petal and the Blade starring Uhm Tae Woong. All About My Romance ended without charting but it seems SBS has learned from the failure and scrapped drama Case Number 113 and instead produced I Can Hear Your Voice starring Lee Jong Suk which has been a huge hit, passing the 20% mark and seeing SBS in first place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

You Are the Best Lee Soon Shin remains at or just under the 30% mark but is no longer #1 in its timeslot although it is still #1 among dramas. I Summon You, Gold remains steady in ratings.Wonderful Mama again fails to rank meaning it has under 7% in ratings. Nothing much has changed here and likely won't until these dramas start ending in a couple of months.

Hundred Years Inheritance just ended on a super high note with ratings well over 30% becoming #1 in its timeslot among all shows and has the highest ratings of any drama, beating out Lee Soon Shin even with the latter's prime time slot. It will be replaced by Scandal, A Shocking and Wrongful Incident starring Jo Yoon Hee who was just in super popular cable drama Nine. Secret Birth also just ended with poor ratings and will be replaced by Goddess of Marriage. No update on the King's Dream.

The #1 drama is Hundred Year's Inheritance which peaked at 35% its final episode followed closely by You Are the Best Lee Soon Shin which currently has 31% as its top ratings. Gu Family Book would be third but it just ended and I Can Hear Your Voice is steadily rising. With so many series currently ending (5 to be exact) things are looking to change a fair bit. Particularly on Mondays/Tuesdays and late night Saturday/Sundays where 2 dramas a piece are ending.

Wonderful Mama is the lowest rated drama as all other dramas are at least managing to rank. SBS still has 2 dramas in the lowest ranking but at least now has a #1 and a #2 drama instead of being #3 in ALL 4 categories as was the case a month ago. MBC has 2 #1 dramas but both have just ended. Will SBS see an increase in ratings or will MBC's new dramas keep the #1 spot? Stay tuned to find out!


(rank among dramas in its timeslot / series name / most recent episode ranting / (channel) / first episode rating / (most recent episode rating) / ranking among all shows in its timeslot)

Monday & Tuesday Dramas (10 pm):
#1 Gu Family Book: 18.7% - 22.5% (MBC)  - started with 11.2% - 13.1% (24/24) 2nd
#2 Jang Ok-Jung: 9.7 - 12.3% (SBS) - started out with 11.3% - 12.9% (24/24) 9th
#3 Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus: 7 - 7.6% (KBS) - started out with less than 7% (10/20) 18th

Wednesday & Thursday Dramas (10pm):
#1 I Can Hear Your Voice (SBS) 16.4 - 20.7%  - started with 7.7% - 9% (8/16) 2nd
#2 The Fugitive of Joseon (KBS) 8.5 - 9.9% - started with 9.3% - 10.1% (20/20) 10th
#3 The Queen's Classroom (MBC) 7.5 - 9.6% - started with 7.6% (6/16) 14th

Saturday & Sunday Dramas (8-8:40pm):
#1 You Are the Best Lee Soon Shin: 24.8 - 31% (KBS) - started with 22.2% - 26.6 (30/50) 2nd
#2 I Summon You Gold!: 14.9 - 18.8% (MBC) - started with 8.9% (22/50) 3rd
#3 Wonderful Mama: N/A (SBS) - started with 7.7% - 8.4% (20/50)

Saturday & Sunday Dramas (9:40-10pm):
#1 Hundred Year Inheritance: 29.9 - 35% (MBC) - started with 13.8% - 16.6% (50/50) 1st
#2 The King's Dream: 9.8% - 10.4 (KBS) - started with 12.2% - 12.9% (52/80) 15th
#3 Secret Birth: 7.3 -7.8% (SBS) - started with 6.4 - 7.9% (18/18) 19th


* There is a range in ratings as different rating services have different outcomes and there is a separation between Seoul and Nationwide and therefore ranks as well as rating vary somewhat. Ratings/rankings are for most recent episodes available.
** Most dramas air both days so Monday & Tuesday dramas run 2 episodes per week, one on Monday and one on Tuesday and so forth.
*** Time in brackets are start times of the dramas not airing time, so 8-8:40 pm means the dramas start at times between 8 and 8:40pm not that they run for 40 minutes.
**** no ratings available for Monday - Friday or cable dramas.

Source: AsianDrama


  1. i think you dont know much about the drama rating and its timeslot
    just spot some mistakes:
    - Gu Family Book never surpass 20%, eventhough its surpassed 20% in Seoul, but Seoul only small part of whole country to see how popular the drama used nationwide which was only 19.5% as its highest rating for Gu Family Book
    - same happen with i can her your voice, not yet surpass 20%...maybe on the way
    - scrapped Case Number 113? the drama only filler timeslot not exactly to attract viewer ratings
    - IU - You're the best still remain no.1 in it timeslot, you big wrong said its not no.1, it doesn't have other drama air at the sametimeslot how can the drama not no.1..
    it only not no.1 for daily and weekend rating..
    after 100 year exited the drama regain its no.1 daily and weekly just like usual KBS weekend despite still never surpass 30% nationwide

    i like your digital and physical post but just stop writing about drama rating and popularity if you don't know much about it

    (im writer of one wiki drama related site)

    1. Clearly you have some trouble reading.
      First of all in my notes I clearly state that:
      "There is a range in ratings as different rating services have different outcomes and there is a separation between Seoul and Nationwide and therefore ranks as well as rating vary somewhat."

      You're the Best shows that it is NOT #1 in it's timeslot AMONG ALL SHOWS AIRING, thats EVERYTHING not only dramas. I clearly wrote:
      "but is no longer #1 in its timeslot although it is still #1 among dramas."

      and again see my note about the different types of ratings, I use all of them and thats why I give a range of ratings from the lowest to the highest that it ranks.

      I can see that English is not your first language, or that's what your grammar suggests so please try reading everything thoroughly before making these types of comments.

      If you have anymore actual questions after reading everything then please go ahead.

    2. Also you should note that this update is for the last episodes of the dramas so what happened with rankings afterwards is irrelevant.

  2. i know what you mean but your post created misleading people will think "that suzy drama surpass 20%" lol when it never surpass

    NOT #1 in it's timeslot AMONG ALL SHOWS AIRING?

    you clearly dont understand what you written IN IT'S TIMESLOT it still no.1 and forever no.1 because MBC aired News Desk SBS aired SBS 8 News IT'S 19:55 timeslot both news in same timeslot with Lee Soon Shin

    MBC Hundread Year Legacy aired on 21:55 this drama NOT in same timeslot with Lee Soon Shin..its number 1 in its timeslot and also among all program air that day

    are you understand the ranking mean behind the rating?
    that ranking of ratings of all program from all timeslot in that day

    1. Do you understand what the #2 means?
      it means not first.

      You're The Best Lee Soon Shin ratings for episode #30:
      24.8% (2nd) 26.5% (2nd) 27.9% (2nd) 31.0% (2nd)

      As you can see it is #2 across the board in its timeslot among all shows not just dramas. So clearly people were watching a different show or program airing, or the website is wrong. FYI THE NEWS IS A SHOW! So if more people were watching the news or something else other than Lee Soon Shin then its #2 in its timeslot even if no other dramas are airing. Do you not understand that?

      Gu Family Book final episode ratings:
      18.7% (2nd) 22.1% (1st) 19.5% (3rd) 22.9% (1st)

      As you can see it did pass 20% ratings but I never said 20% nationwide or Seoul just that it passed 20% in ratings. And my full ratings clearly show a range from 18.7 - 22.9% not to mention it was 19.5% nationwide which is almost 20% so its splitting hairs.

      Hundred year Inheritance is #1 in its timeslot and among dramas, but I never thought it was in the same timeslot as Lee Soon Shin as I clearly have them in different sections. I think you are the one who is confused.

    2. you stubborn and stupid...typical people i annoy the most i think even if you know you wrong you just dont want to admit it

      24.8% (2nd) 26.5% (2nd) 27.9% (2nd) 31.0% (2nd)
      mean among all program from all timeslot in a day not in it's timeslot...
      the reason why above is (2nd) because Hundred Year is (1st)
      Hundred Year Inheritance
      25.9 (1st)30.2 (1st) 28.6 (1st) 31.2 (1st)
      Lee Soon Shin become 2nd among all program air that day not on it's timeslot
      beside Seoul and Nationwide both from 2 different survey
      i think you don't know AGB and TnMS website:
      AGB Nielsen Korea:
      TnMS Media Korea

      in it timeslot Lee Soon Shin still no.1
      in it's timeslot:
      1. Lee Soon Shin - 27.9%
      2. SBS 8 News - 8.7%
      3. MBC News Desk - 8%
      (based on AGB Nielsen)
      that clearly said more people watching Lee Soon Shin than the news. all three air in same timeslot its mean in ITS TIMESLOT Lee Soon Shin still no.1 not only among all drama but all program too...hufffffff

      that because you never said it seoul or nationwide people who read this post will mislead to think Gu Family surpass 20%...almost 20% is different with over 20% i think you can read your own post

    3. If people don't read my notes explaining the difference then there is nothing I can do about it. It says it very clearly in my notes and I give a range in the full ratings section. If people need something more clear than that then there is nothing I can do for them.

      I will look into daily vs timeslot ratings on the websites.

      Also I'm going to be expanding this article and covering more dramas since you seem to be so enthusiastic about it, and I'll be sharing it in more places online!