Saturday, 25 May 2013

Drama Popularity [June]

Gu Family Book stays steady in ratings remaining #1 among dramas for the time being but it will soon see a serious competitor. KBS' Queen of the Office just ended with consistent ratings around 13-14%, its follow up, Shark, is seeing high anticipation as it stars hugely popular Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin in her first television series since Personal Taste. Many anticipate Kim Nam Gil's character which is similar to the one he played in Bad Guy. Jang Ok Jung sees a significant enough improvement in ratings but remains in 3rd place.

When A Man Loves stays steady in ratings and in #1 although ratings remain somewhat low. The Queen's Classroom will take over starring Go Hyun Jung making her small screen comeback after starring in smash hit Daemul. New drama The Fugitive of Joseon has not managed to improve on IRIS II's ratings and has remained steady since its debut. All About My Romance still hasn't charted but is almost over and will be followed up by Case Number 113 based on a novel of the same name.

You Are the Best Lee Soon Shin finally crosses the 30% mark about halfway through its run and remains #1. I Summon You Gold sees improved ratings and remains in 2nd place. Unfortunately for SBS it now has 2 dramas that fail to chart in the top 20 and have ratings under 8% with Wonderful Mama dropping in ratings.

Just as You Are the Best Lee Soon Shin passes the 30% mark so does Hundred Year's Inheritance but one percent lower.  Hundred Year's Inheritance sees a healthy improvement with 10 episodes left. The King's Dream hasn't been updated. Unfortunately SBS' Secret Birth which took over from Incarnation of Money isn't doing as well as its predecessor just staying within the top 20. If ratings drop then SBS will have 3 dramas not charting in the top 20, a real embarrassment. Its only charting drama is also 3rd among competitors.

The #1 drama remains You Are the Best Lee Soon Shin but Hundred Year's Inheritance is still hot on its heels. The worst performing drama? Apparently anything SBS puts out...


(rank among dramas in its timeslot / series name / most recent episode ranting / (channel) / first episode rating / (most recent episode rating) / ranking among all shows in its timeslot)

Monday & Tuesday Dramas (10 pm):
#1 Gu Family Book: 14.4% - 18.4% (MBC)  - started with 11.2% - 13.1% (14/24) 2nd
#2 Queen of the Office: 12.8% - 14.9% (KBS) - started out with 8.9% - 9.8% (16/16) 5th
#3 Jang Ok-Jung: 8.9% - 13.5.7% (SBS) - started out with 11.3% - 12.9% (14/24) 9th

Wednesday & Thursday Dramas (10pm):
#1 When A Man Loves (MBC) 9.8% - 12.5% - started with 7.3% (16/20) 6th
#2 The Fugitive of Joseon (KBS) 9% - 10.1% - started with 9.3% - 10.1% (10/20) 10th
#3 All About my Romance N/A (SBS)  - started with 7.4% - 8.3% (15/16)

Saturday & Sunday Dramas (8-8:40pm):
#1 You Are the Best Lee Soon Shin: 27.3% - 32% (KBS) - started with 22.2% - 26.6 (22/50) 1st
#2 I Summon You Gold!: 14.3% - 18.3% (MBC) - started with 8.9% (14/50) 4th
#3 Wonderful Mama: N/A (SBS) - started with 7.7% - 8.4% (14/50)

Saturday & Sunday Dramas (9:40-10pm):
#1 Hundred Year Inheritance: 25.6% - 31% (MBC) - started with 13.8% - 16.6% (40/50) 2nd
#2 The King's Dream: 9.8% - 10.4% (KBS) - started with 12.2% - 12.9% (52/80) 15th
#3 Secret Birth: 8.8% (SBS) - started with 6.4% - 7.9% (8/18) 19th


* There is a range in ratings as different rating services have different outcomes and there is a separation between Seoul and Nationwide and therefore ranks as well as rating vary somewhat. Ratings/rankings are for most recent episodes available.
** Most dramas air both days so Monday & Tuesday dramas run 2 episodes per week, one on Monday and one on Tuesday and so forth.
*** Time in brackets are start times of the dramas not airing time, so 8-8:40 pm means the dramas start at times between 8 and 8:40pm not that they run for 40 minutes.
**** no ratings available for Monday - Friday or cable dramas.

Source: AsianDrama

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