Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March Hanteo Charts


  1. thanks for the info. keep update!!

  2. Why is there a huge difference between Hanteo and Gaon ? For example, Hanteo shows that 67,550 copies of Infinite's New Challenge are sold in March while Gaon says 138,431.

    1. Because Hanteo only records sales from stores that are connected to its system which does not represent even close to all the stores in Korea and international shippers.
      GAON links to distributors and counts distributors as well as sales and returns to distributors (so if an album does not sell in a store and is returned to the distributor to make room for newer CDs)
      so GAON gets more of the overall sales than Hanteo usually with the exception of a few artists that are higher on Hanteo sometimes.
      It depends what percentage of sales go through Hanteo, often international shippers don't go through Hanteo so groups that have overseas fanbases usually have much higher GAON sales but it really just depends where fans buy the albums from.