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Drama Popularity [May]

After Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek ended with ratings so bad it never charted in the top 20 (usually this means below 8%) KBS's new drama Queen of the Office is seeing much better ratings but comes in at #2 for dramas in that timeslot as MBC sees another hit after Horse Doctor with Gu Family Book. Unfortunately for SBS Queen of Ambition's replacement, Jang Ok-Jung is seeing ratings nearly as poor as Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek after debuting with decent ratings.

KBS's IRIS II ends with consistently disappointing ratings and will be replaced by the Fugitive of Joseon starring Lee Dong-Wook of My Girl fame and Song Ji-Hyon of Running Man fame. 7th Grade Civil Servant came to an end with low ratings but its follow up, When A Man Loves is doing better, just barely above IRIS II but enough to make is #1 among dramas in the timeslot as SBS's drama All About my Romance is not charting and is a disappointing follow up to huge hit That Winter, The Wind Blows that ended with 19.1% in ratings.

You're the Best Lee Soon Shin sees a slight increase in ratings but has yet to cross the 30% mark. My Love Madam Butterfly ended with ratings around 13.5% but its follow up Wonderful Mama is only managing around 8.8%. I Summon You Gold is seeing better ratings than Rascal Sons, coming in second place in dramas in that timeslot.

Hundred Years Inheritance is steady in ratings, keeping the #1 spot while Incarnation of Money ends with higher ratings upwards of 18.8%. It will be followed up by Birth Secret starring Sung Yuri of Romance Town. The King's Dream drops in ratings to around 10%.

You're The Best Lee Soon Shin remains the #1 drama with Hundred Years Inheritance in second as before. Although several dramas are doing poorly, the worst seems to be All About my Romance. In fact SBS is seeing horrible ratings all around with 3 out of the 4 timeslots seeing an SBS drama in last place, with Incarnation of Money being the only saving grace coming in at #2 in its timeslot among dramas with good ratings. MBC is seeing great ratings with its dramas coming in on top in 3 out of 4 sections.


(rank among dramas in its timeslot / series name / most recent episode ranting / (channel) / first episode rating / (most recent episode rating) / ranking among all shows in its timeslot)

Monday & Tuesday Dramas (10 pm):
#1 Gu Family Book: 14.2% - 18.3% (MBC)  - started with 11.2% - 13.1% (6/24) 4th
#2 Queen of the Office: 13.2% - 14.6% (KBS) - started out with 8.9% - 9.8% (8/16) 6th
#3 Jang Ok-Jung: 8.3% - 9.7% (SBS) - started out with 11.3% - 12.9% (6/24) 17th

Wednesday & Thursday Dramas (10pm):
#1 When A Man Loves (MBC) 10.2% - 12.3% - started with 7.3% (6/20) 9th
#2 IRIS 2: 10.4% - 11.4% (KBS) - started with 14.4% - 19.3% (20/20) 12th
#3 All About my Romance N/A (SBS)  - started with 7.4% - 8.3% (5/16)  

Saturday & Sunday Dramas (8-8:40pm): 
#1 You Are the Best Lee Soon Shin: 26.2% - 29.4% (KBS) - started with 22.2% - 26.6 (2/50) 1st
#2 I Summon You Gold!: 11.8% - 14.5% (MBC) - started with 8.9% (50/50) 7th
#3 Wonderful Mama: 8.8% (SBS) - started with 7.7% - 8.4% (4/50) 19th

Saturday & Sunday Dramas (9:40-10pm):
#1 Hundred Year Inheritance: 21.3% - 24.4% (MBC) - started with 13.8% - 16.6% (32/50) 2nd
#2 Incarnation of Money - 14.2% - 18.8% (SBS) - started with  9.2% - 10.6% (24/24) 3rd
#3 The King's Dream: 9.8% - 10.4% (KBS) - started with 12.2% - 12.9% (52/80) 15th


* There is a range in ratings as different rating services have different outcomes and there is a separation between Seoul and Nationwide and therefore ranks as well as rating vary somewhat. Ratings/rankings are for most recent episodes available.
** Most dramas air both days so Monday & Tuesday dramas run 2 episodes per week, one on Monday and one on Tuesday and so forth.
*** Time in brackets are start times of the dramas not airing time, so 8-8:40 pm means the dramas start at times between 8 and 8:40pm not that they run for 40 minutes.
**** no ratings available for Monday - Friday or cable dramas.

Source: AsianDrama

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