Friday, 8 March 2013

Songs That are Doing Surprisingly Well

Might not be a surprise to fans of the artists but everyone else might not be aware at how comparably good some songs have done.

- NSYoonji ft. Park Jaebum - If You Love Me (71,989,977 DAs)
Compared to:
I Got You - Under 20,000,000 DAs
The Reason I Became a Witch - Under 46,000,000 DAs
It has charted for 3 months and continues, TRIBAW was considered one of her biggest hits at that point and this may come close to doubling it.

- Girl's Day - Don't Forget Me (74,740,804 DAs)
Compared to:
Oh My God! - 76,989,133 DAs year end
most people thought Don't Forget Me did much worse than OMG

- Sunny Hill - Goodbye to Romance (107,448,996 DAs) UPDATE: 123,175,164
Princess and Prince Charming: 59,939,356 (3 months and then stopped charting on monthly chart)
The Grasshopper Song: 150,635,402 DAs year end
Still charting in the Top 50 (#30 on GAON for February)
I think this will eventually do as well as The Grasshopper Song

- Secret - Talk That (94,947,759 DAs)
Compared to:
Poison: 133,444,087 DAs
It'll probably get to 110 million and that's pretty good for a follow up

- Dazzling Red - This Person (68,015,761 DAs) 
Compared to:
Mystic White: 31,198,864
Dynamic Black: 29,053,921
Dramatic Blue: 24,672,146

There may be others but these are the ones that stuck out for me as doing well compared to other singles without notice or having been perceived as doing poorly but actually did fairly well.

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