Sunday, 10 March 2013

GAON 2012 Top 200 Domestic Digital Sales Pie Charts

Inspired by the netizens who did album sales pie charts. Mine aren't as thorough but they should give you some idea of general trends. The Top 8 companies digitally from the Top 200 domestic, from YG to SM represent 55% of the songs on the GAON Top 200.  After the ones I listed are plenty of smaller companies/artists that each represent less than 1 percent of the GAON Top 200. Of course if you take all digital sales into account it might look different. Anyways hope this is helpful/interesting.


GAON TOP 50: 11,290,275,440 DAs
GAON Top 100: 18,684,460,149 DAs
GAON Top 200: 27,753,868,313 DAs

(all domestic only)

Numbers from my other post, OSTs get added to the artist/group unless the artists is part of a group but has also had a separate solo/sub unit release. So Taeyeon's OSTs got added to SNSD-TTS, if Hyuna had an OST it would get added to her total not 4Minute's because she had a solo project out last year. Daesung's solo was released on BIGBANG's album and he had no solo promotions in Korea in 2012 so it got added to BIGBANG's total. Hope that makes sense. Duets are split between the two artists, featurings are not.

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