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Drama Popularity - March

Will be doing these once a month at the end of the month for the next month

My Daughter Seo-Young remains #1 but with only a few episodes left, shooting has begun on the family drama The Best Lee Soo-Shin starring IU with friend Yoo In Na in a supporting role. The next most popular dramas are Horse Doctor which has had steady ratings and King of Ambition which is in the same time slot and has seen a boost in ratings. This is likely because newcomer Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek has not manged high enough ratings to rank in the top 20.

Also tied with Horse Doctor and King of Ambition is Hundred Year Inheritance which has gained in ratings and moved up to #1 following the end of Cheongdamdong Alice which was replaced by Incarnation of Money starring former girl group member turned actress Hwang Jung Eum. Hundred Year Inheritance is currently #2 in its timeslot meaning My Daughter, Seo-Young is the only drama to be #1 in its timeslot currently.

New melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows with a star studded cast including Jo In Sung and Song Hye-gyo in starring roles, knocks 7th Grade Civil Servant out of the number 1 spot for Wednesday & Thursday dramas.  7th Grade Civil Servant sees a slight dip in ratings but is still going strong. Also new on Wednesday and Thursdays in IRIS 2 which saw impressive initial ratings but fell quickly to the last spot for dramas and 13th overall for the timeslot. That Winter, The Wind Blows took over from The Great Seer whose ratings were less than great.

The lowest ratings belong to Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek and Rascal Sons which have both been outside the Top 20 consistently. Ad Genius is a huge fall for KBS which had popular drama School 2013 previously filling that slot. God of War which was the drama that previously held the slot of Rascal Sons managed a peak rating of 16.1%.


(rank among dramas in its timeslot / series name / most recent episode ranting / (channel) / first episode rating / (most recent episode rating) / ranking among all shows in its timeslot)

Monday & Tuesday Dramas (10 pm):
#1 Horse Doctor:  18.1% - 22.5% (MBC) - started out with 8.7% - 10.7 % (41/50) 3rd
#3 King of Ambition: 19.4% - 21.1% (SBS) - started out with 9.8% (12/24)  4th
#3 Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek (below top 20 - not ranked) (KBS)

King of Ambition runs at 9 pm

Wednesday & Thursday Dramas (10pm):
#1 That Winter, The Wind Blows: 12.9% - 15.5% (SBS) - started with 10.1% - 13.% 6th
#2 7th Grade Civil Servant: 11.4% - 13.1% (MBC) - started with 12.7% - 15.6% (10/20) 10th
#3 IRIS 2: 10.5% - 12.9% (KBS) - started with 14.4% - 19.3% (4/20) 13th

Saturday & Sunday Dramas (8-8:40pm): 
#1 My Daughter Seo-Young: 44.6% - 48.3% (KBS) - started with 19.3% - 23.3% (48/50) 1st
#2 My Love, Madame Butterfly: 9.8% - 11.6% (SBS) - stated with 9% - 10.6% (39/50) 14th
#3 Rascal Sons: 8.8% (MBC) - started with 7.7% - 9.4% (27/50) 19th

Rascal Son's ratings have not been updated, likely it has stopped charting in top 20

Saturday & Sunday Dramas (9:40-10pm):
#2 Hundred Year Inheritance: 20.1% - 22.8% (MBC) - started with 13.8% - 16.6% (16/50) 2nd
#2 Incarnation of Money - 11.7% - 15.1% (SBS) - started with  9.2% - 10.6% (8/24) 9th
#3 The King's Dream: 8.1% - 10.3% (KBS) - started with 12.2% - 12.9% (36/80) 12th


* There is a range in ratings as different rating services have different outcomes and there is a separation between Seoul and Nationwide and therefore ranks as well as rating vary somewhat. Ratings/rankings are for most recent episodes available.
** Most dramas air both days so Monday & Tuesday dramas run 2 episodes per week, one on Monday and one on Tuesday and so forth.
*** Time in brackets are start times of the dramas not airing time, so 8-8:40 pm means the dramas start at times between 8 and 8:40pm not that they run for 40 minutes.
**** no ratings available for Monday - Friday or cable dramas.

Source: AsianDrama

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