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GAON Top 200 Digital Ranking Breakdown

What was the trend in 2012? Well far from critics who say idols are out, over a third of the songs on the GAON Top 200 came from idols, 35.5 songs from female idols, including half the Top 10 and 34 from male idols, as well as 4 from idol bands. There were 24 female idols who charted on the GAON Top 100, most with one or two songs while the 16 male idols have BIGBANG to thank for the high number as the group charted 10 times and the leader G-Dragon, a further 4 times. It seems many girl groups opted for solo and subunit activities rather than multiple comebacks this year.

There does seem to be some validity to concerns over television shows taking a big bite out of the music market as 22 OSTs and about 15 music show/comedian songs charted or about a fifth of the chart.

Non-idol male artists seem to do very well digitally as both non-idol male solos and groups, who often sing ballad type songs and hip hop artists took up 30 and 20 spots on the chart for a quarter of the overall chart. They tend to chart more songs on average than female and male idols (if you take the anomaly of BIGBANG out of the equation).

Female non-idols had the weakest showing, perhaps because of how they were sectioned off (no, I don't think being a soloist automatically takes you out of the idol realm), but there doesn't seem to be too many non-idol female artists active/charting. While Lyn, Baek Ji Young, Zia and the 4 rookies female non-idols who debuted are doing well, groups like Miss $ and Glime, one of the few female artists working in the hip hop/R&B genre along with E.via, don't seem to be making much of an impact. In fact there don't seem to be any female hip hop groups/artists like Dynamic Duo, Epik High or Verbal Jint that are successful.

Take a look at the breakdown below. "Other" includes TV show songs (like Superstar K 4), comedian songs (like Sagging Snail) and company collaborations (like Jelly Christmas), as well as a few unknowns. The artist with the most songs charting was Busker Busker with an amazing 14!

Female Idols (Solo & Group):  35.5 from 24 artists
Sistar 2
2NE1 1
T-ara 4.5
Ailee 2
IU 3
Wonder Girls 2
F(x) 1
Boa 1
Miss A 2
Ga-in 1
4Minute 1
Orange Caramel 1
Troublemaker 1
G.NA 1
Kara 1
Secret 1
Hyuna 1
APink 1
Brown Eyed Girls 1
AfterSchool 1
Dal Shabet 2
Miryo 1
Girl's Day 2

Male Idols (Solo & Group): 34 from 16 artists
B2st 3
2AM 2
G-Dragon 4
Se7en 1
Infinite 1
SHINee 1
Teen Top 3
Block B 2
Yang Yoseob 1
B1A4 1
Shinhwa 1
Super Junior 1
Z:EA 1
Park Jae Bum 1

Band: 19 from 4 artists
Busker Busker 14
FT Island 2
CN Blue 2
Nell 1

OSTs: 22

Non-Idols Male & Group: 30 from 15 artists
Heo Gak/Zia 1
Heo Gak 3
Psy 5
Naul 5
K.Will 3
10cm 2
Lee Seung gi 1
OoLaLa Session 1
John Park 1
Park Jin Young 2
December 1
Urban Zapaka 2
Kim Jin Pyo 1
Lee Seung Chul 1
2Bic 1

Non-Idols Female: 16.5 from 11 artists
Lyn 2
Lee Hi 2
Baek Ji Young 2
Juniel 2
Davichi 2.5
Sunnyhill 1
Byul 1
Baek Ah Yeon 1
Ivy 1
15& 1
Zia 1

Hip Hop/R&B 20 from 9 artists
Dynamic Duo 1
Verbal Jint 2
Epik High 3
Geeks 2
Mighty Mouth 2
Primary 4
Leessang 4
Bae Chi Gi 1
Skull/Haha 1

Shows/Other: 23

*with soloists its hard sometimes to place idol and non-idol, G.NA & Ailee do the same types of music, dances and promotions as idol groups so I see them as solo idols, same with IU. I kinda think Lee Hi & Juniel could go into that category too but I'm not sure yet...
**OSTs by artists on the list were put into the OST category ONLY

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