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2012 GAON Charts & Infographics

2012 Infographics from GAON 

 DAs for some popular songs. Notice the similar trend. Also notice that songs with only a few days their first week usually have a higher 2nd week after which it follows the same trend.

 This chart has more songs note the anomaly in Twinkle's 5th week and 2 significant points of boosts, lasting a few weeks each, for Gangnam Style likely due to overseas exposure and news coverage.

 Gender and ages of fans of various songs. T-ara and Wondergirls gettin' that males in their 50s demographic!

This graphs shows percentage of monthly #1's per company so who had the #1 song by DAs monthly out of the 12 months of 2012. YG Entertainment seems to be the only company with more than 1, taking in a total of 5.

Here is a breakdown:

 January: T-ara (CCM)
#2 by approx. 30 million DAs: Dynamic Duo (Amoeba Culture)

 February: BIGBANG (YG)
#2 by approx. 13 million DAs: Lyn (Good)

#2 by approx. 4.5 million DAs: 2AM (JYP)

 April: Busker Busker (Indie)
#2 by approx. 35 million DAs: Sistar (Starship)

#2 by approx. 100,000 DAs: IU (LOEN)

 June: Wondergirls (JYP)
#2 by approx. 500,000 (half a million) DAs: BIGBANG (YG)

 July: 2NE1 (YG)
#2 by approx. 14 million DAs T-ara (CCM) 

August: Psy (YG)
#2 by approx. 53 million DAs: Boa (SM)

September: Seo In Guk & Jung Eunji (Jellyfish & CUBE)
#2 by approx. 1 million DAs: G-Dragon (YG)

 October: Gain (LOEN)
#2 by approx. 2 millions DAs: Epik High (YG)

 November: Lee Hi (YG)
#2 by approx. 19 million DAs: Geeks (LOEN)

 December: Lee Seung Gi (Hook)
 #2 by approx. 23 million DAs: Yang Yeoseob (Cube)

 Three months YG artists were #2 by fewer than 3 million DAs. Other than YG artists as well as 2AM and IU's #2 rankings all other #2 ranking songs were over 10 million DAs away from the #1 ranking song. Otherwise if we were to use a points system with a #1 song getting 3 points, a #2 song getting 2 points and a #3 song getting 1 points. It would look something like this:

YG: 22
Loen: 7
CCM: 7
SM: 6
JYP: 5
Starship: 4
Indie: 4
Cube: 3.5
Hook: 3
Jellyfish: 2.5
Ameoba Culture: 2
Good: 2
Nega: 1
YMC: 1
WS: 1
F&C: 1

 There is certainly a trend here but it is important to note that this is impacted by when in the month songs were released. Sistar for example has 2 songs in the Top 10 yearly (or it is almost certain they do but technically yearly GAON charts have not been released) despite never topping a monthly chart.

This shows who topped monthly charts. 4 different girl groups (T-ara, 2NE1, SNSD-TTS, Wondergirls) topped the monthly charts as did 2 female solos (Gain, Lee Hi). Only one male idol group (BIGBANG) and 2 male solos (Psy, Lee Seung Gi) topped the monthly charts. 1 band and 1 duet topped the monthly charts. You will notice this adds up to 11 as BIGBANG topped the charts twice, the only artists to do so this year.

Hope this was helpful.

Source: GAON

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